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Oriana Fallaci

  • With our progress we have destroyed our only weapon against tedium: that rare weakness we call imagination.

  • Sometimes the dead are more alive than the living. And they can kill the living.

  • There are three points of view to everything — mine, yours, and the truth.

  • ... America is God equals America equals Business equals America equals God.

  • America's a hard school, I know, but hard schools make excellent graduates.

  • But here's what I've learned in this war, in this country, in this city: to love the miracle of having been born.

  • To have realized your dream makes you feel lost.

  • Journalism combines adventure with culture.

  • I have always looked on disobedience toward the oppressive as the only way to use the miracle of having been born. I have always looked on the silence of those who do not react or who indeed applaud as the real death of a woman or a man.

  • Today's history is written the very moment it happens. ... For this reason I like journalism. For this reason I fear journalism.

  • Journalism is an extraordinary and terrible privilege. Not by chance, if you are aware of it, does it consume you with a hundred feelings of inadequacy. Not by chance, when I find myself going through an event or an important encounter, does it seize me like anguish, a fear of not having enough eyes and enough ears and enough brains to look and listen and understand like a worm hidden in the wood of history.

    • Oriana Fallaci,
    • in The Los Angeles Times ()
  • Whether it comes from a despotic sovereign or an elected president, from a murderous general or a beloved leader, I see power as an inhuman and hateful phenomen. To the same degree that I do not understand power, I do understand those who oppose power, who criticize power, who contest power, especially those who rebel against power imposed by brutality.

    • Oriana Fallaci,
    • in The Los Angeles Times ()
  • When a book is done, he has his own life and you forget about him. He goes and lives alone; he takes an apartment.

    • Oriana Fallaci

Oriana Fallaci, Italian writer, journalist

(1929 - 2006)