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Eve Merriam

  • You understand / That personally I feel / Indeed, I'd just as soon shake hands / Why, lots of them are just as / Why / As you and I.

    • Eve Merriam,
    • "Restricted," Jewish Life ()
  • Scratch a Jew and you'll find a Wailing Wall.

    • Eve Merriam,
    • "The Wall," in Nathan and Marynn Ausubel, eds., A Treasury of Jewish Poetry ()
  • Go sow your wild oats / And reap as you will; / I hoe in one furrow / And heap all my fill.

    • Eve Merriam,
    • "Monogamania," The Double Bed, From the Feminine Side ()
  • Sing a song of subways, / Never see the sun; / Four-and-twenty people / In a room for one.

    • Eve Merriam,
    • "Sing a Song for Subways," The Inner City Mother Goose ()
  • Isn't it strange / That however I change, / I still keep on being me?

    • Eve Merriam,
    • "Me, Myself and I," Rainbow Writing ()
  • When something is too beautiful or too terrible or even too funny for words, then it is time for poetry.

    • Eve Merriam,
    • in The Horn Book Magazine ()
  • Is it robin o'clock? / Is it five after wing? / Is it quarter to leaf? / Is it nearly time for spring?

  • I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask, 'Mother, what was war?'

    • Eve Merriam,
    • "Fantasia," A Sky Full of Poems ()
  • A cliché is / what we all say / when we're too lazy / to find another way.

  • ... there is no gentling downward, / there is only the one way / climbing.

    • Eve Merriam,
    • "Last Poems," in Ms. ()
  • Mean-spirited, / I huddle, pinch, hoard, / envy others' health, / would steal from their well-stocked store.

    • Eve Merriam,
    • "Last Poems," in Ms. ()
  • If you are so inclined, a part-time lover is not hard to find. / To the slight impediment of marriage / no one pays much mind.

    • Eve Merriam,
    • "The Deceiving Wife," The Double Bed ()
  • but a boat is called a kayak. / ... / In a kayak / you sit anywhere you like / and always dip with / a double paddle / neither side is the head / either side is the head / since both pull with equal weight / and you grasp in the center: / kayak, a most peculiar word / that you can spell / from either end / and come out / even.

    • Eve Merriam,
    • "The Eskimos Have No Word for Divorce," The Double Bed ()
  • My good friend's gone who lived next door; / The new woman there is a yawning bore. / The only phrase she knows to say / Is where did you buy it or what did you pay. / She's not concerned with peace or war: / Her care is gloss to proof the floor. / Her house, her ways are all cliché / I grow to like her more each day.

    • Eve Merriam,
    • "Reflection in a Picture Window," The Double Bed ()
  • The marriage meat is cooked, it's baked overdone: / how long did you expect to go on having fun?

    • Eve Merriam,
    • "Chorus of Baiters and Graters," The Double Bed ()

Eve Merriam, U.S. poet, writer

(1916 - 1992)

Full name: Eve Moskovitz Merriam.