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Jane Fonda

  • Prostitutes are the inevitable product of a society that places ultimate importance on money, possessions, and competition.

    • Jane Fonda,
    • in Thomas Kiernan, Jane: An Intimate Biography of Jane Fonda ()
  • I found out that acting was hell. You spend all your time trying to do what they put people in asylums for.

    • Jane Fonda,
    • in John Robert Colombo, Popcorn in Paradise ()
  • I don't think it's natural for two people to swear to be together for the rest of their lives.

    • Jane Fonda,
    • 1961, in Thomas Kiernan, Jane Fonda ()
  • Getting fit is a political act — you are taking charge of your life.

    • Jane Fonda,
    • in Thomas Kiernan, Jane Fonda ()
  • You can run the office without a boss, but you can't run an office without secretaries.

    • Jane Fonda,
    • in The Observer ()
  • Women are not forgiven for aging. Bob Redford's lines of distinction are my old-age wrinkles.

    • Jane Fonda,
    • in New Woman ()
  • A man has every season while a woman only has the right to spring. That disgusts me.

    • Jane Fonda,
    • in The Daily Mail ()
  • In this age of remote-controlled pushbutton war, we must all try very, very hard to remain human beings.

    • Jane Fonda,
    • in Bill Davidson, Jane Fonda ()
  • I don't want to die without knowing who I am.

  • Consistency can be a trap, especially if it leads to being consistently wrong rather than to stopping, admitting your mistake, and changing course.

  • ... pragmatist that I am, I always meet necessity with enthusiasm.

  • This toxic striving for perfection is a female thing. How many men obsess about being perfect? For men, generally, good enough is good enough.

  • Denial can be a pathology or a survival mechanism — and sometimes it's both.

  • I am still baffled by those who feel that criticizing America is unpatriotic, a view increasingly being adopted in the United States since 9/11 as an excuse to render suspect what has always been an American right. An active, brave, outspoken (and heard) citizenry is essential to a healthy democracy.

  • Beware of men who use words that relate pejoratively to females when describing the 'other side.'

  • Someone once said that under the bell jar of compliance, the only thing that blooms is rage.

  • So much conspires to silence us — because our truths are inherently subversive.

    • Jane Fonda,
    • in Ms. ()
  • ... feminism is about ultimate, limitless reality ...

    • Jane Fonda,
    • in Ms. ()
  • Teach girls to read and to work at something where they can bring home money — and the entire balance of power shifts.

    • Jane Fonda,
    • in Ms. ()
  • I finally got it: empower girls and everything changes.

    • Jane Fonda,
    • in Ms. ()
  • [On her adolescent pregnancy prevention program in Georgia:] If they can see their future like middle-class kids can, they're motivated not to do what endangers that future. Hope is the best contraceptive.

    • Jane Fonda,
    • in Ms. ()
  • We will fail to solve any problem — poverty, peace, sustainable development, health — unless we ... make sure the solution will be good for women.

    • Jane Fonda,
    • in Time ()

Jane Fonda, U.S. actor, political activist, fitness expert, feminist


Full name: Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda.