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Stella Terrill Mann

  • ... prayer is the most powerful force in the universe.

  • Once we learn to count our blessings they increase. Gratitude keeps good in circulation.

  • Properly considered, believing is really the sum and substance of all prayer.

  • Not even one sincere desire to find God ever goes unrewarded.

  • Prayer is conscious desire to listen to God.

  • ... no sincere prayer leaves us where it finds us.

  • If you have a desire to do a thing, count it as proof positive that you can do it. Desire and fulfillment are two side to one whole. If it were not possible for you to fulfill the desire, it would not be possible to entertain it either. The desire is God's silent plea to let Him work through you. It is God's silent guarantee that He will see you through if you will but begin.

  • ... when we work at our God-given task, it is not a burdensome toil but the greatest of joys, for our inner Lord is pleased when we are about our father's business. Love ever makes life a joy, not a burden. When we apply ourselves to the job God has selected us to do we are working with Him and we inwardly know that we cannot fail.

  • ... listening means accepting also.

  • Human hearts are never strangers. Go past manners, customs, clothes, language to his heart and you will find a brother who will recognize, welcome and love you when he discovers you have faith in him.

  • Love is the nature of God in action.

  • Desire is prayer. Work is prayer. Thinking is prayer. Decision is faith and prayer.

    • Stella Terrill Mann
  • Every time we say Let there be! in any form, something happens.

    • Stella Terrill Mann
  • Desire, ask, believe, receive.

    • Stella Terrill Mann
  • To accept the responsibility of being a child of God is to accept the best that life has to offer you.

    • Stella Terrill Mann

Stella Terrill Mann, U.S. mystic, writer