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Doris Lilly

  • Men who wear turtlenecks look like turtles.

    • Doris Lilly,
    • in The New York Post ()
  • I guess I always wanted to meet a millionaire.

  • All my life I've hated getting up in the morning; it makes me sick to my stomach.

  • I noticed that the actors were nervous about their agents, the agents nervous about studio producers, the producers about the chiefs of production, the chiefs of production about the studio heads, the studio heads about the banking firms in New York who financed the studios. By this time I was nervous too. So I cut through the red tape, and went to the natural habitat of the millionaire, New York. I figured to myself, why be nervous with somebody twelve times removed? Go to the City, Doris, and be nervous right up at the source.

  • An ugly girl came along and took that man away from me like she was driving a Bugatti and I was standing still. She was downright ugly, but she had charm. There was no denying it, and I didn't have charm at that time.

  • I could see right off that Mrs. Welter was above the minor worries of being slick and well groomed. In fact it was hard to tell if she fixed her hair with a comb or a Waring mixer.

  • I didn't need to be told that Miss Thornless was the biggest wheel of all on Beau Monde. Her secretaries were so elegant they could hardly lift up their heads. With every sentence, they sounded as if they were going to call me an upstart, only they were too exhausted to bother that day.

  • ... standing a few yards away were the toughest, most unshaven, worst looking pair of hoodlums in the room. ... These types looked as if when you said 'Hello' to them, they'd be stuck for an answer.

  • I was always going somewhere, or leaving somewhere, or expected somewhere. I felt like a mouse in an egg beater ...

  • ... I got stuck for three big luncheon checks before I realized I was with experts. Sybella's friends were to sticking people with checks what Culbertson was to bridge.

Doris Lilly, U.S. journalist, writer

(1922 - 1991)