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Maria Trapp

  • I was slowly taking on the dimensions of a chest of drawers.

  • Christianity nowadays is like a big household where many cousins live under the same roof. They all belong to the same clan, but at times they have very different ideas about how to run their family affairs.

  • The sun has set in your life; it is getting cold. The hundreds of people around you cannot console you for the loss of the one.

  • But if one doesn't have a character like Abraham Lincoln or Joan of Arc, a diet simply disintegrates into eating exactly what you want to eat, but with a bad conscience.

  • When you are a child of the mountains yourself, you really belong to them. You need them. They become the faithful guardians of your life. If you cannot dwell on their lofty heights all your life, if you are in trouble, you want at least to look at them.

  • ... it starts as an inflection of the voice, a question asked in a certain tone and not answered with 'no'; a prolonged little silence, a twinkle in the eye, a long-drawen 'w-e-e-ell — I don't know.' These are the fine roots of the tree whose poisonous fruits are gossip and slander.

  • How dry eyes can get when they are not allowed to cry!

  • The grief of a child is always terrible. It is bottomless, without hope. A child has no past and no future. It just lives in the present moment — wholeheartedly. If the present moment spells disaster, the child suffers it with his whole heart, his whole soul, his whole strength, his whole little being ...

  • ... jukeboxes, radio and television, going from dawn to dusk, help spread the poison of synthetic, artificial, rhythmical noise.

    • Maria Trapp,
    • with Ruth T. Murdoch, A Family on Wheels ()
  • A refugee is not just someone lacking in money and everything else. A refugee is vulnerable to the slightest touch: he has lost his country, his friends, his earthly belongings. He is a stranger, sick at heart. He is suspicious; he feels misunderstood. If people smile, he thinks they ridicule him; if they look serious, he thinks they don't like him. He is a full-grown tree in the dangerous process of being transplanted, with the chance of possibly not being able to take root in the new soil.

    • Maria Trapp,
    • with Ruth T. Murdoch, A Family on Wheels ()

Maria Trapp, Austrian-born U.S. singer

(1905 - 1987)

Full name: Maria Augusta Kutschera Trapp.