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Queen Victoria

  • Great events make me quiet and calm; it is only trifles that irritate my nerves.

    • Queen Victoria,
    • letter to King Leopold of Belgium ()
  • You will find as the children grow up that as a rule children are a bitter disappointment — their greatest object being to do precisely what their parents do not wish and have anxiously tried to prevent.

    • Queen Victoria,
    • letter to the Crown Princess of Prussia ()
  • The Government should take a firm, bold line. This delay — this uncertainty, by which, abroad, we are losing our prestige and our position, while Russia is advancing and will be before Constantinople in no time! Then the Government will be fearfully blamed and the Queen so humiliated that she thinks she would abdicate at once.

    • Queen Victoria,
    • letter to Lord Beaconsfield ()
  • [Complaining about Prime Minister Gladstone:] He speaks to me as if I was a public meeting.

    • Queen Victoria,
    • in G.W.E. Russell, Collections and Recollections ()
  • Let me never hear the world 'trouble.' Only tell me how the thing is to be done, to be done rightly, and I will do it if I can.

    • Queen Victoria,
    • in Augustus J.C. Hare, The Story of My Life, vol. 5 ()
  • We are not amused!

    • Queen Victoria,
    • alleged to have said this in 1889 upon seeing an imitation of herself by a groom-in-waiting, and quoted in Notebooks of a Spinster Lady ()
  • The Queen is most anxious to enlist everyone who can speak or write to join in checking this mad, wicked folly of 'Woman's Rights,' with all its attendant horrors ... It is a subject which makes the Queen so furious that she cannot contain herself.

    • Queen Victoria,
    • 1870, in Lytton Strachey, Queen Victoria ()
  • No civilization is complete which does not include the dumb and defenseless of God's creatures within the sphere of charity and mercy.

    • Queen Victoria,
    • in Elbert Hubbard, Elbert Hubbard's Scrap Book ()
  • Please understand that there is no one depressed in this house: — we are not interested in the possibilities of defeat; — they do not exist.

    • Queen Victoria,
    • letter to A.J. Balfour during the "Black Week" of the Boer War (1900), in Lady Gwendolyn Cecil, Life of Robert, Marquis of Salisbury, vol. 3 ()
  • [To the bishop who suggested the widowed queen now consider herself 'as married to Christ':] That's what I call twaddle!

    • Queen Victoria,
    • 1861, in Timothy B. Benford, The Royal Family Quiz and Fact Book ()
  • An ugly baby is a very nasty object — and the prettiest is frightful when undressed.

    • Queen Victoria,
    • 1859, in Hannah Pakula, An Uncommon Woman: The Empress Frederick ()
  • [On same-sex marriage:] No woman would do that.

    • Queen Victoria
  • The important thing is not what they think of me, it is what I think of them.

    • Queen Victoria
  • [On alcohol:] Total abstinence is an impossibility and ... it will not do to insist on it as a general practice ...

    • Queen Victoria,
    • to Prime Minister Gladstone (1894), in G.E. Buckle, ed., The Letters of Queen Victoria ()

Queen Victoria, English queen

(1819 - 1901)

Full name: Alexandrina Victoria.