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Craig Rice

  • ... it's been my experience that while impossible things happen frequently, improbable ones never do.

  • The little lawyer roused himself long enough to wonder why it was that whenever four men sing in a barroom, three of them turn out to be Irish.

  • He was popular with the party. He had plenty of money to contribute to campaign expenses, and he contributed with a lavish hand. ... eventually he just got tired of making an asset of himself.

  • ... the world was beautiful, but nobody looked at it except tourists. ... a kind of perfection of existence was always close at hand, and no one reached for it.

  • ... 'tis better to have loved and lust than never to have loved at all.

  • ... things never seem as bad as they are.

  • ... one pities most those who loved, and still died. Only those who love, dread death.

  • ... our deeds have even less substance than we ourselves.

  • ... it is possible to wish so greatly for the unattained that in time you believe it has been won — indeed, you can even remember the winning of it ...

  • It is less difficult to look beyond ... and foretell the future, than to look back and remember what has already gone before.

  • ... the Empire State Building was tall. So what? Just proved New York builders didn't know when to stop at a good story.

  • 'Mrs. Lacy is here.' Gilda discussed Mrs. Lacy with phrases usually reserved for the inhabitants of chicken yards. 'And her daughter,' added Elizabeth. On the subject of Mrs. Lacy's daughter Gilda chose terms customarily used for the discussion of ill-bred and not too young horses.

  • She worked so hard at making a go of their marriage that finally Dennis went.

  • Bad enough to make mistakes, without going ahead and marrying them.

Craig Rice, U.S. writer

(1908 - 1957)

Real name: Georgiana Ann Randolph Walker Craig Lipton DeMott Bishop. She also wrote as Michael Venning, and Daphne Saunders.