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Gwen Harwood

  • The wind walks on the sea, / printing the water's face with charity.

    • Gwen Harwood,
    • "At the Sea's Edge," Poems ()
  • Poets are lovers. Critics are / mean, solitary masturbators.

    • Gwen Harwood,
    • "Critic's Nightwatch," Poems ()
  • What's grief but the after-blindness / of the spirit's dazzle of love?

    • Gwen Harwood,
    • "Past and Present," Poems, Volume Two ()
  • The heart holds, like remembered music, / a landscape grown too dark to see.

    • Gwen Harwood,
    • "Alla Siciliana," Poems, Volume Two ()
  • Let music bless / all hopes, all loves, however odd. / Music, my joy, my full-scale God.

    • Gwen Harwood,
    • "A Scattering of Ashes," The Lion's Bride ()
  • If God exists / then music is his love for me.

    • Gwen Harwood,
    • "A Music Lesson," The Lion's Bride ()
  • If by some chance I wrote / a fine immortal poem / it would have a mortal theme.

    • Gwen Harwood,
    • "Oyster Cove Pastorals," The Lion's Bride ()
  • Mother who gave me life / I think of women bearing / women. Forgive me the wisdom / I would not learn from you.

    • Gwen Harwood,
    • "Mother Who Gave Me Life," The Lion's Bride ()
  • Time has told me / less than I need to know.

    • Gwen Harwood,
    • "Resurrection," Bone Scan ()
  • If eternal life can be given / let me have it again as a child / among those whom I did not love / enough, while they lived.

    • Gwen Harwood,
    • "Resurrection," Bone Scan ()
  • Heat like a settling animal / shivers and curls across the lake.

    • Gwen Harwood,
    • "A Small Victory," Collected Poems ()
  • Years cannot move / nor death's disorienting scale / distort those lamplit presences ...

    • Gwen Harwood,
    • "The Violets," Collected Poems ()
  • Sometimes my poetry is an attempt to keep off existential terror; sometimes it is a grappling with philosophical problems; sometimes just fun.

    • Gwen Harwood,
    • 1980, in Jennifer Straus, Boundary Conditions: The Poetry of Gwen Harwood ()
  • ... a poem is like a wine glass in which you can hold up a little bit of reality and taste it.

    • Gwen Harwood,
    • in Jennifer Straus, Boundary Conditions: The Poetry of Gwen Harwood ()

Gwen Harwood, Australian poet

(1920 - 1995)

Full name: Gwendoline Nessie Foster Harwood. Also wrote as Frances Geyer, Walter Lehmann,  Miriam Stone,  Timothy Kline.