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Nella Larsen

  • Have you ever stopped to think how much unhappiness and downright cruelty are laid to the loving kindness of the Lord? And always by His most ardent followers, it seems.

  • ... that's what everybody wants, just a little more money, even the people who have it.

  • New York's the lonesomest place in the world if you don't know anybody.

    • Nella Larsen,
    • "Quicksand" (1928), An Intimation of Things Distant ()
  • It was the most brilliant exhibition of conversational weight lifting that Irene had ever seen.

    • Nella Larsen,
    • "Passing" (1929), An Intimation of Things Distant ()
  • The trouble with Clare was not only that she wanted to have her cake and eat it too but that she wanted to nibble at the cakes of other folk as well.

    • Nella Larsen,
    • "Passing" (1929), An Intimation of Things Distant ()
  • If sex isn't a joke, what is it?

    • Nella Larsen,
    • "Passing" (1929), An Intimation of Things Distant ()
  • For the hundredth time she marveled at the gradations within this oppressed race of hers. A dozen shades slid by. There was sooty black, shiny black, taupe, mahogany, bronze, copper, gold, orange, yellow, peach, ivory, pinky white, pastry white. There was yellow hair, brown hair, black hair; straight hair, straightened hair, curly hair, crinkly hair, woolly hair. She saw black eyes in white faces, brown eyes in yellow faces, gray eyes in brown faces, blue eyes in tan faces. Africa, Europe, perhaps with a pinch of Asia, in a fantastic motley of ugliness and beauty, semi-barbaric, sophisticated, exotic, were here.

    • Nella Larsen,
    • "Quicksand" (1928), An Intimation of Things Distant ()

Nella Larsen, U.S. writer

(1891 - 1964)

Full name: Nellallitea “Nellie” Marian Walker Larsen Imes.