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Josephine Lawrence

  • You can never tell what will happen to a theory before you can get around to using it.

  • Folks think that children will make up for all they ought to do and haven't done ...

  • Memories were like ivy, Thalia pondered, that with its luxuriant growth could quickly cover the names of those it had been planted to keep green.

  • He believed that the majority of the people who sought his advice really were hungry to be listened to and he insisted that talk was an outlet to be made available and free to all. 'Mental gangrene isn't a disease of the garrulous,' he liked to say.

  • New labels change nothing.

  • ... Mrs. Litcher conducted a monologue with the skill of a veteran conversationalist ably equipped to anticipate and fend off all interruptions.

  • Perhaps for the purposes of war racial differences had been buried, but certainly in no deep grave.

  • ... if some folks have buried their racial prejudices, the chances are that they've got the graves marked and will have no trouble disinterring their pet hates.

  • ... prejudice is a seeping, dark stain, I think, more difficult to fight than hatred — which is powerful and violent and somehow more honest, too.

  • I would not preach tolerance, which seems to me another name for condescension and presupposes faults in those to be tolerated ... Nor do I believe in demanding love — that should be the gift of a free will. But simply to be kind — that is not too much to ask of any of us.

  • Hymns, to Tobias, consisted of words alone. He could not follow the simplest tune, but like so many of the tone-deaf he loved to match his voice against the power of the organ.

  • If you can't find the way out, it might as well not be there.

  • At first trouble is a new experience — gradually you learn that — that it isn't fatal.

  • Any fear is always worse than the thing itself.

  • Everything outlasts people. Sometimes I wonder, when I remember all the old things that are in museums, and the men who made them dead this long time past, whether God really thinks we're important.

  • Grace ... was famous for her ability to carry on a conversation without any specific knowledge of what she was talking about.

  • Everyone was alone, when you admitted it honestly; life was a flood that rushed on whether you sank from sight in the current or continued to swim.

  • Real separation, to me, is the death of love. Any other — parting — well, it just isn't real.

  • About the best a parent can hope for is the epitaph, 'He Meant Well.'

Josephine Lawrence, U.S. writer

(1890 - 1978)

Full name: Josephine Lawrence Platz