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Kate Langley Bosher

  • ... I don't know anybody who isn't queer about something. Either stupid queer, or silly queer, or smart queer, or beautiful queer, or religious queer, or selfish queer, or some other kind.

  • ... when you can't change a thing, don't let it change you ...

  • ... it's hard to forgive people who think they write poetry ...

  • ... Christmas after Christmas is like cold buckwheat cakes and no syrup. Like an orange with the juice all gone.

  • She's very decided in her views, and never keeps them to herself. It's the one thing she gives away.

  • Outside I am a little machine wound up; inside I am a thousand miles away, and doing a thousand other things. Some day I am going to blow up and break my inside workings, for I wasn't meant to run regular and on time. I wasn't.

  • I hate a conscience. It's always making you feel low down and disreputable. I don't believe I will say anything to my children about one, and let them have some peace.

  • When there's love enough you can stand anything. When there isn't, you can stand nothing. Living together every day you find out a lot you didn't know, and love can't keep still. It's got to grow or die.

  • ... the place you're in is pretty near what you're fitted to fill. Otherwise you'd get out and fill another.

  • As for opinions, if they're not pleasant they'd better be kept to yourself. I learned that early in life and forget it every day.

  • People are generally opposed to things they know nothing about.

  • What would life be without her? As babies, she borns us; as boys, she bosses us; as men, she owns us; at death, she buries us, and she alone puts flowers on man's grave! Man was made to do her bidding ...

  • Nothing shows the kind of fool you are as quick as your tongue.

  • A dead chicken's got more spirit in company than he has!

  • What puppets we humans are — what puppets! Born without permission, dying when it is neither pleasant nor convenient, we are made to march or crawl through life on the edge of a precipice from which at any moment we may be knocked over. And we're told we should believe the experience is a privilege!

  • She's one of them kind of women who's always seein' she gets what's comin' to her, and takes what ain't.

  • Mis' Bickles's got more sense than you'd think from lookin' at her, and a tongue what tells all it knows and makes up what it don't.

  • She holds on to what she's got like paper to the wall ...

  • There's nothing a man can stand so much of as praise.

  • It isn't bad judgment to make a man believe he is something. He is by nature inclined to it, and a little encouragement is good for most people.

  • All men are no more alike than all women, only aliker.

  • We have to wear clothes, a requirement of custom, but more time, temper, character, and peace of mind, not to mention money, have been sacrificed to them than to any other altar on this green earth, and for what?

  • A man would rather fail according to his own ideas than succeed according to another's.

  • I long ago exhausted the English language in commendation of her efforts. Nothing is so wearing on one as continual demand for praise ...

  • A man may be made in one generation, but a lady never!

  • ... we are not punished for our sins, but by them.

  • Death is dreadfully personal, terribly important to oneself, and so unimportant to the rest of the world.

  • I imagine she has not been content for some time, but to open her eyes to what she was not supposed to see required courage for which she had no training. No bondage is so hard to break as heritage and custom.

  • Yours is indeed the half of humanity which keeps the other half guessing. ... I thought you were going to say swearing.

  • In a man they forgive anything. In a woman nothing.

  • Isn't it funny that at Christmas something in you gets so lonely for — for — I don't know what for, exactly, but it's something that you don't mind so much not having at other times.

Kate Langley Bosher, U.S. novelist, suffragist

(1865 - 1932)

Full name: Kate Lee Langley Bosher.