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Sandra Cisneros

  • ... true nature rises / when the body dances.

    • Sandra Cisneros,
    • "Letter to John Franco -- Venice," My Wicked Wicked Ways ()
  • If peaches had arms / surely they would hold one another / in their peach sleep.

    • Sandra Cisneros,
    • "Peaches -- Six in a Tin Bowl, Sarajevo," My Wicked Wicked Ways ()
  • ... I think diseases have no eyes. They pick with a dizzy finger anyone, just anyone.

  • He said he would love me like a revolution, like a religion.

    • Sandra Cisneros,
    • "One Holy Night," Woman Hollering Creek ()
  • ... I didn't want it like that. Not against the bricks or hunkering in somebody's car. I wanted it come undone like gold thread, like a tent full of birds.

    • Sandra Cisneros,
    • "One Holy Night," Woman Hollering Creek ()
  • Bit by bit the truth began to seep out like a dangerous gasoline.

    • Sandra Cisneros,
    • "One Holy Night," Woman Hollering Creek ()
  • ... everything's bigger and better in Texas, and that holds especially true for bugs.

    • Sandra Cisneros,
    • "Bien Pretty," Woman Hollering Creek ()
  • God made men by baking them in an oven, but he forgot about the first batch, and that's how Black people were born. And then he was so anxious about the next batch, he took them out of the oven too soon, so that's how White people were made. But the third batch he let cook until they were golden-golden-golden, and, honey, that's you and me.

    • Sandra Cisneros,
    • "Bien Pretty," Woman Hollering Creek ()
  • I always tell people that I became a writer not because I went to school but because my mother took me to the library. I wanted to become a writer so I could have my name in the card catalog.

    • Sandra Cisneros,
    • in Authors Guild Bulletin ()
  • Rachel says that love is like a big black piano being pushed off the top of a three-story building, and you're waiting on the bottom to catch it. But Lourdes says it's not that way at all. It's like a top, like all the colors in the world are spinning so fast they're not colors anymore and all that's left is a white hum.

    • Sandra Cisneros,
    • "One Holy Night," Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories ()
  • Revenge only engenders violence, not clarity and true peace. I think liberation must come from within.

    • Sandra Cisneros
  • 'Hispanic' is English for a person of Latino origin who wants to be accepted by the white status quo. 'Latino' is the word we have always used for ourselves.

    • Sandra Cisneros,
    • in New York Times ()
  • ... the detour often turns out to be one's true destiny.

  • Imagine the unimaginable. Think of the most unbelievable thing that could happen and, believe me, Destiny will outdo you and come up with something even more unbelievable. Life's like that.

Sandra Cisneros, U.S. writer, poet, educator