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Violet Weingarten

  • Once on a plane, she resolutely, if temporarily, cut all the cords binding her to life. She never made a list of anything she had to do, or wrote a letter that required mailing, or did anything else that indicated in any way that she ever expected to touch earth again.

  • It was not at all true that everyone was alike underneath. Deep down, deep deep down, we live in a buried Tower of Babel, intelligible only to ourselves. If that.

  • Martha and Mary. That's how the world is divided, into the doers and the takers-as-their-due, the ones who run to fetch the stool and the few who sit down secure in the knowledge that it will be there behind them (as it is, as it always is).

  • I think marriage is impossible. How can two people be expected to meet all of each other's needs year after year? It's a crazy idea.

  • There are no love songs for wives. Only for lost loves, unrequited love, 'I'll see you again whenever spring breaks through again' loves, foggy day in London Town loves, sneaking out in the middle of the night to go to Santa Fe loves, never any here and now, ring on the finger loves.

  • Obligation is the death of marriage.

  • Lies are the death of an honest relationship.

  • ... you know me and my adoration complex. I always assume everyone is crazy about me, and somehow they are then, and so I'm always happy.

  • To understand is not to forgive, but to castrate; to understand is not to forgive, but to avoid having to be responsible for your own anger; to understand is not to forgive, but not to have the guts to take a stand.

  • To write is to stretch a hand over the chasm.

  • Sickness, like sex, demands a private room, or at the very least, a discreet curtain around the ward bed.

  • Everyone eventually dies. Why shouldn't I accomplish it as well as the next one? Why not, indeed? I relax. It is all an experience to be experienced; I shall do it as well as the next one.

  • A journal is a leap of faith. You write without knowing what the next day's entry will be — or when the last.

Violet Weingarten, U.S. writer

(1915 - 1976)