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Katharine Brush

  • When he mounted the stairs to his father's office he mounted them three at a time. You heard him crashing down again, whistling as he came. Except for the whistling, if someone had thrown him it would have sounded the same way.

  • They were New Yorkers. They knew everything.

  • ... the danger of their admitting or betraying in some fashion their deep and moving fondness for each other was safely past; and they shook hands unemotionally, even almost indifferently, as American sons and fathers should.

  • ... they were large ladies of great presence and vast dignity. Ladies in hairnets. Ladies with both slippers on the floor. ... Sitting abreast in strings of three or four, they leaned to speak, to listen, and to nod their heads emphatically at one another. They agreed, they said. Only too true, they were afraid. No question about it, no two ways of looking at it. That much is certain. The fact is. Without a doubt.

  • Little children never know that they feel seasick, till they are.

    • Katharine Brush,
    • "Things I Have Learned in My Travels," This Is On Me ()
  • Most passport pictures are good likenesses, and it is time we faced it.

    • Katharine Brush,
    • "Things I Have Learned in My Travels," This Is On Me ()
  • They read more book reviews than they do books.

    • Katharine Brush,
    • "About New Yorkers," This Is On Me ()
  • They are among the world's worst listeners, although the more polite among them have developed a listening look of almost passionate intensity. The less polite exhibit candid and abysmal boredom. There are no New York expressions in between these two.

    • Katharine Brush,
    • "About New Yorkers," This Is On Me ()
  • New Yorkers are nice about giving you street directions; in fact, they seem quite proud of knowing where they are themselves.

    • Katharine Brush,
    • in Reader's Digest ()
  • One woman's poise is another woman's poison.

    • Katharine Brush,
    • in Reader's Digest ()
  • But sometimes the very things you fall in love with people for, become the things you like least about them, in the end.

Katharine Brush, U.S. writer

(1900 - 1952)

Full name: Katharine Ingham Brush.