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John Stephen Strange

  • ... facts don't lie — not if you've got enough of 'em.

  • You can ring practically indefinite changes on a lie but there's only one truth — and it's always the same.

  • It's a funny thing about the great American public. We love muckraking. It titivates our curiosity and satisfies our spite. But we soon tire of it. Fundamentally we need to be assured that big business is sound and noble and a benefit to humanity. We have to believe that, or we'd begin to suspect there was something wrong with our civilization. And we're too cocky to stand for that.

  • Everyone's so friendly in the early morning. ... It's as though whatever happened before eight o'clock was off the record, and not official.

  • The most curious aspect of truth seems to be that nobody will believe it. We can swallow any quantity of falsehoods and fancies, but not the truth.

  • ... the world's latest tyrant. You can call it big business; you can call it the international cartels; you can call it a lot of things. But what it is is the group of men, relatively small, who have learned to manipulate and control what is known as the capitalistic system for their own ends. They're the smartest tyrants we've ever had because the system they control is so complex it's difficult even for an expert to understand it or to follow the moves in the game. And they've managed to remain largely anonymous, so that ordinary people don't even know their names. They're the true internationalists, using nationalism and patriotism quite cynically for their own ends.

  • There are moments when we almost hate the thing we — love best.

  • There is always an element of pity in love.

  • Adaptable as human beings are and have to be, I sometimes sympathize with the chameleon who had a nervous breakdown on a patchwork quilt.

  • At twenty-one, although half of one's being is still a child, reaching back into the past, clinging stubbornly to the known, the safe, the remembered way, the other half is tearing itself loose, kicking aside restraints and bondage, pursuing with complete selfishness and egotism its own ends and aims.

  • ... writing is lonely work and the writer, particularly of fiction, needs constant contact with other people or he begins to feed upon his own heart with all the morbid indigestion this entails.

John Stephen Strange, English writer

(1896 - 1983)

Real name: Dorothy Stockbridge Tillett.