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Mary Astor

  • ... to move the wheels of justice is a ponderous business.

  • Things grew and lived in constant adversity, ingenious in solving problems of existence.

  • ... the reminder that there are people who have worse troubles than you is not an effective pain-killer ...

  • Our security must be threatened in order for us to appreciate it.

  • ... the boys had learned that laughter stilled anxiety. It cleared away mystery. If you could laugh at something, it erased its importance.

  • He had had experience with suppression; whatever it was didn't stay suppressed, but wandered around in the body and the mind looking for a place to hurt.

  • Life without emotion was like an engine without fuel.

  • A painter paints, a musician plays, a writer writes — but a movie actor waits.

  • ... once you start asking questions, innocence is gone.

  • We were worse name-droppers than people who dropped our names. Another actor was a 'best friend,' 'know him very well,' 'died in my arms,' 'gave him his first break in that picture of mine.'

  • Sex as something beautiful may soon disappear. Once it was a knife so finely honed the edge was invisible until it was touched and then it cut deep. Now it is so blunt that it merely bruises and leaves ugly marks.

  • The man who goes fishing gets something more than the fish he catches.

  • Audiences will get just as tired of people wrestling on a bed as they did of Tom Mix kissing his horse.

  • ... five stages in the life of an actor. ... 1. Who's Mary Astor? 2. Get me Mary Astor. 3. Get me a Mary Astor type. 4. Get me a young Mary Astor. 5. Who's Mary Astor?

  • A person without a memory is either a child or an amnesiac. A country without a memory is neither a child nor an amnesiac, but neither is it a country.

  • It's not good to take sentimental journeys. You see the differences instead of the samenesses.

Mary Astor, U.S. actor

(1906 - 1987)

Real name: Lucile Langhanke.