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Patricia Moyes

  • It is often interesting, in retrospect, to consider the trifling causes that lead to great events. A chance encounter, a thoughtless remark — and the tortuous chain reaction of coincidence is set in motion, leading with devious inevitability to some resounding climax.

  • He was in the grip of that most trying form of depression — the melancholy of enforced inaction.

  • I simply cannot understand the passion that some people have for making themselves thoroughly uncomfortable and then boasting about it afterwards.

  • ... suicide can be used as a very cruel weapon, you know. It can be the ultimate revenge, leaving a scar that a living person may carry to the grave.

  • The buildings ... had suffered the inevitable shrinkage of places revisited ...

  • ... one doesn't really grow older; it's just that other people grow younger.

  • Some brave chrysanthemums still stood in the country gardens, but they looked like bedraggled survivors of a battle, barely able to hold their tattered banners upright. October was at the gates and autumn was in full retreat.

  • Brutality is sometimes easier to endure than ridicule.

  • Angry and frustrated, the journalists set about making bricks without straw ...

  • ... it is perfectly possible to converse with any cat, from prize-winning Siamese to alley tabby. Humans who are slow learners may start with a highly articulate Siamese and progress in time to the more sensitive and difficult business of talking to scared strays. Other people, naturally gifted, can talk to any cat right away.

  • I do not believe that it is possible to teach a cat to obey; that is contrary to his nature.

  • Cats of great personality are always found in association with sensitive, cat-conscious people; it is a two-way process of immense mutual benefit.

  • ... I can never pass a cat in the street without greeting it and exchanging a few words, and the cat invariably replies.

  • It sometimes seems as though history has been altered by a single event, but it's almost always untrue. The event is produced by the historical process, rather than the other way around.

  • A ridiculous city, higher than it was broad, constantly on the brink of disaster, always throbbing with a special sort of magic. New York, New York, it's a wonderful town. Ask any New Yorker and hear him grumble. Then ask him if he'd live anywhere else in the world.

Patricia Moyes, Irish-born English writer

(1923 - 2000)

Full name: Patricia Pakenham-Walsh Moyes Haszard.