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Alexis De Veaux

  • Do Not / pass / thru the pages / of this / book / and hear / nothin' / on the way.

  • Writers are spies. Outsiders. Believers in the turning pages.

  • A girl is a soul at sunrise.

  • my mother left us / home alone. we / grew ourself ...

  • Yes I graduated from high school. Welfare. Temporary work, please. What is my problem? I want to eat.

  • I don't see what people get from hating other people unless it's a special thing I just ain't hip to.

  • babies ain't cute / hungry.

  • Survival is a four letter word.

  • Politics is a word spelled N-O-W.

  • Pain can be washed out with a song. / Pain can become jazz digested and transformed.

  • That's what she had perseverance. / Step and keeping stepping. / Over obstacles over nonbelievers over no matter what.

  • Music stays in the air. / It travels at the speed of breath / at the sound of light. / It is never not heard. / It can wait centuries if it has to.

  • Writers are given the responsibility of sight. I think that the whole burden, responsibility and beauty of the gift forces us to construct our lives differently so that we are able to become vehicles to transcend, to encompass and articulate not only our own experience but the experiences of others.

    • Alexis De Veaux,
    • in Claudia Tate, ed., Black Women Writers at Work ()
  • I try to write each piece in the language of the piece, so that I'm not using the same language from piece to piece. I may be using ten or twenty languages. That multiplicity of language and the use of words is African in tradition. And black writers have definitely taken that up and taken it in. It's like speaking in tongues. It may sound like gibberish to somebody, but you know it's a tongue of some kind. Black people have this. We have the ability as a race to speak in tongues, to dream in tongues, to love in tongues.

    • Alexis De Veaux,
    • in Claudia Tate, ed., Black Women Writers at Work ()
  • The house has to be clean and in order because I have to be able to sift through the creative disorder in my mind. The mental disorder that I'm exploring has to bounce off the walls. It has to go in and out of different rooms. If the room is not in order, then I can't distinguish which is which, and that really drives me crazy.

    • Alexis De Veaux

Alexis De Veaux, U.S. writer, poet, activist