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Genevieve Taggard

  • Poetry has a small audience, but a large influence.

    • Genevieve Taggard,
    • introduction, Calling Western Union ()
  • Singing is best, it gives right joy to speech.

    • Genevieve Taggard,
    • "Definition of Song," Calling Western Union ()
  • Planting for future people with sure hands / Is pleasure of the purest. Live and unfold!

    • Genevieve Taggard,
    • "On Planting a Small Lilac in Vermont," Calling Western Union ()
  • Try tropic for your balm, / Try storm, / After storm, calm. / Try snow of heaven, heavy, soft and slow, / Brilliant and warm. / Nothing will help, and nothing do much harm.

    • Genevieve Taggard,
    • "Try Tropic (For a Sick Generation)," Calling Western Union ()
  • Good poets need teachers, friends, or an occasional stranger / To say, Are you sure? I don't agree. It was an indulgent dream.. / Or, Be sober, beloved. We work this side of the dark.

    • Genevieve Taggard,
    • "Community," Calling Western Union ()
  • The lavish words we write / Need a base on level stone. / ... / Oh Poetry-To-Come / Lay what is most exact / For the door-sill of your home.

    • Genevieve Taggard,
    • "Platform for Poets," Calling Western Union ()
  • Summer is delicately made. / While it is, it is ceasing.

    • Genevieve Taggard,
    • "Flute in Later Summer," Calling Western Union ()
  • In the dark / Defiant even now, it tugs and moans / To be untangled from these mother's bones.

    • Genevieve Taggard,
    • "With Child" (1921), Collected Poems ()
  • China is a long caravan, longer and stronger than the Wall.

    • Genevieve Taggard,
    • "Turn to the East," Collected Poems ()
  • To sit together drinking the blue ocean / And eating the sun like a fruit.

    • Genevieve Taggard,
    • "The Luau" (1917) Hawaii ()

Genevieve Taggard, U.S. poet, educator

(1894 - 1948)