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Marie Alena Castle

  • If churches want to exercise their 'religious liberty' by denying services to those who do not conform to their doctrines, they should reject government funding and provide the services on their own dime.

  • Let those who want to run their own lives on religious principles do so, but don't let them run the lives of others.

  • Creative writers have always speculated about how things observed in nature came to be. Aesop's Fables, Rudyard Kupling's Just So Stories, and many other works, are replete with such entertaining tales. The Garden of Eden story is of the same genre as 'How the Leopard Got Its Spots.'

  • The overall legislative theme has seemed to be 'reproduce and abandon' as that precious little 'pre-born baby,' a 'miracle of life' while in utero, gets transformed by birth into a 'sniveling little welfare cheat' (as one particularly apt political cartoon put it).

  • Free, educated women do not overpopulate.

  • Nothing is more central to a woman's life than the ability to control her childbearing. And it often seems that nothing is more central to authoritarian religions' belief systems than to prevent her from doing that.

  • End-of-life decision-making should be a civil right. There is no rational, secular underpinning for laws denying this right. They are based solely on doctrinal beliefs that suffering has spiritual merit and that only some imagined god can determine when one's life is to end. Our bodies belong to us, not to the church and not to the state.

  • Throughout history, religion has borne many more thistles than figs. That's why our First Amendment separated religion from government: to keep forever from these shores the religious strife that for centuries had soaked the soil of Europe in blood.

  • Some have said that the strongest drive is not love or hate, but the drive to censor another's opinions.

  • ... religion institutions ... get lavish tax exemptions, subsidies, grants, service contracts, and giveaways of all kinds that keep their revenue stream flowing. It's a business, but one with little or no financial accountability. Religion is this nation's most favored welfare recipient.

Marie Alena Castle, U.S. atheist, political activist