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Felicia Lamport

  • And what could be moister / Than tears from an oyster ...

    • Felicia Lamport,
    • "Shell Gain," Scrap Irony ()
  • Vice / Is nice / But a little virtue / Won't hurt you.

    • Felicia Lamport,
    • "Axiom to Grind," Scrap Irony ()
  • I hereby confess / That of all I possess / I'd most gladly be minus / The sinus.

    • Felicia Lamport,
    • "Lines on an Aching Brow," Scrap Irony ()
  • Some people are born to dictionaries, some achieve them as confirmation presents, and others have them thrust upon them by schools ...

    • Felicia Lamport,
    • in Jack C. Gray, ed., Words, Words, and Words About Dictionaries ()
  • The non-review is essentially a reflexive, not a reflective form. It can be readily identified by its tendency to emphasize the reviewer rather than the book under review. ... once the non-reviewer had discovered what sweet music could be made by blowing his own horn, the form continued its development as a wind instrument for self-enunciation, played every day of the week and con brio on Sundays.

    • Felicia Lamport,
    • "The Hypocritics," Cultural Slag ()
  • One grows strangely apprehensive / When one comtemplates the sense of / peace offensive, / Which, aggressively commanding / That which passeth understanding / Turns the sentiment it rouses / To: 'A pax on both your houses.'

    • Felicia Lamport,
    • "Embattled Oxymoron," Cultural Slag ()
  • It seems odd / That whenever man chooses / To play God — / God loses.

    • Felicia Lamport,
    • "Historical Survey," Cultural Slag ()
  • Consider the egg. / ... / It's boilable, poachable, fryable; / It scrambles, it makes a sauce thicken. / It's also the only reliable / Device for producing a chicken.

    • Felicia Lamport,
    • "Eggomania," Light Metres ()
  • ... the publishing firmament pales / When the firms that once shone as its stars / become Jonahs / EnGulfed by conglomerate whales.

    • Felicia Lamport,
    • "Brief History of Publishing -- From Start to ...," Light Metres ()
  • Regiments are joining in the Master Charge / That's blowing up the G.N.P. / Hardly anybody now remains at large / Who lacks creditability.

    • Felicia Lamport,
    • "Wild Cards," Light Metres ()
  • With plastic credit showered on us every day, / We feel so singularly blessed / That we never pause to wonder if we're on the way / To a mammoth card-iac arrest.

    • Felicia Lamport,
    • "Wild Cards," Light Metres ()
  • After a sudden religious conversion / The shrewd politician can get off the hook / By answering any who cast an aspersion / 'The Lord is my shepherd and I am His crook.'

    • Felicia Lamport,
    • "Sprung Lamb," Light Metres ()

Felicia Lamport, U.S. poet

(1916 - 2000)