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Dorothy Carnegie

  • Economically and socially, our national accent is on youth. ... Our advertising is based to a great extent on the common desire to look, act and feel young.

  • The very phrase, 'growing old,' is a contradiction. Old age sets in only when there is no longer any growth of mind or personality. As long as we are learning, developing, contributing, producing or enjoying, we are maturing, whether we are sixteen or ninety-six. We become old when we are no longer capable of improvement, regardless of calendar years.

  • The quality of excitement is the most essential ingredient for success in a given line of work. It is the emotional fuel that spurs us on to put forth our utmost efforts.

  • A personality cannot be changed; it can only be revealed. To find out what we really are, what it is that makes us rare and wonderful and different from everybody else in the world, we must peel off the layers of fear, withdrawal, self-doubt, confusion and habit that grow around and harden over our inner core until we are as hidden from our own knowledge as we are from everyone else's.

  • Until we can tolerate our own company, we cannot expect other people to be overjoyed by our presence.

  • The pursuit of conformity, like that of security, ends with slavery.

  • The law, in its questionable wisdom, has not decreed that boredom is a felony nor even a misdemeanor, so we can't place the offenders in solitary where they belong. There's no tight little island to which we can deport them. We know how to keep the hoof and mouth disease from our shores but, alas, not the dread ailment called boredom.

  • ... nobody ever bores another on purpose. The Bore sees himself as the life of the party, a vivacious cutie, information dispenser, or some other flattering guise. You and I, horrible thought, may be a bore without knowing it.

  • I believe that we, as a nation, have a complex about being being liked and admired that gets in the way of our true functions.

  • ... work is a basic principle of life, health and usefulness.

Dorothy Carnegie, U.S. businesswoman

(1913 - 1998)

Full name: Dorothy Carnegie Rivkin.