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Dorothy Allison

  • Fiction never exceeds the reach of the writer's courage.

  • Literature is the lie that tells the truth ...

    • Dorothy Allison,
    • "The Exile's Return," in The New York Times Book Review ()
  • Fiction is a piece of truth that turns lies to meaning.

  • It has seemed to me that literature, as I meant it, was embattled, that it was increasingly difficult to find writing doing what I thought literature should do — which was simply to push people into changing their ideas about the world, and to go further, to encourage us in the work of changing the world, to making it more just and more truly human.

    • Dorothy Allison,
    • "Believing in Literature," in Randy Turoff, ed., Lesbian Words ()
  • Life ain't the movies.

  • I am the only one who can tell the story of my life and say what it means.

  • ... stories are the one sure way I know to touch the heart and change the world.

  • Babies change things, open doors you thought were shut, close others. Make you into something you never been.

  • People begin to write in order to create what they have not found and, a little bit, to give something back.

    • Dorothy Allison,
    • American Booksellers Association convention speech (1995), in The Hungry Mind Review ()
  • ... my life has been saved over and over again by picking up a book in which someone captured the whole experience of being despised and not dying.

    • Dorothy Allison,
    • American Booksellers Association convention speech (1995), in The Hungry Mind Review ()
  • I put on the page a third look at what I've seen in life — the reinvented experience of a cross-eyed working-class lesbian, addicted to violence, language and hope, who has made the decision to live, is determined to live, on the page and on the street, for me and mine.

    • Dorothy Allison,
    • Trash
    • ()
  • When feminism exploded into my life, it gave me a vision of the world totally different from everything I had ever assumed or hoped.

Dorothy Allison, U.S. writer


Full name: Dorothy Graham Allison.