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Diane Wakoski

  • Justice is / reason enough for anything ugly. It balances the beauty in the world.

    • Diane Wakoski,
    • "Justice Is Reason Enough," Coins & Coffins ()
  • This book is dedicated to all those men who betrayed me at one time or another, in hopes they will fall off their motorcycles and break their necks.

    • Diane Wakoski,
    • introduction, The Motorcycle Betrayal Poems ()
  • Poems come from incomplete knowledge.

    • Diane Wakoski,
    • "With Words," The Motorcycle Betrayal Poems ()
  • I am the rock. / The hard rock. / You can't break me.

    • Diane Wakoski,
    • "No More Soft Talk," The Motorcycle Betrayal Poems ()
  • And I have not learned happily / to live with my face.

    • Diane Wakoski,
    • "I Have Had to Learn to Live With My Face," The Motorcycle Betrayal Poems ()
  • Learning to live with what you're born with / is the process, / the involvement, / the making of a life.

    • Diane Wakoski,
    • "I Have Had to Learn to Live With My Face," The Motorcycle Betrayal Poems ()
  • ... my trouble / is that I have the spirit of Gertrude Stein / but the personality of Alice B. Toklas ...

    • Diane Wakoski,
    • "My Trouble," Smudging ()
  • I write in the first person because I have always wanted to make my life more interesting than it was.

    • Diane Wakoski,
    • introduction, Trilogy ()
  • Poems reveal secrets when they are analyzed. The poet's pleasure in finding ingenious ways to enclose her secrets should be matched by the reader's pleasure in unlocking and revealing these secrets.

    • Diane Wakoski,
    • in Writer's Digest ()
  • ... poetry is one of the essential structures of civilization — carrying myth, ritual, 'tales of the tribe' and the essence of language ...

    • Diane Wakoski,
    • in Writer's Digest ()

Diane Wakoski, U.S. poet


Diane Wakoski Sherbell