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Diane Glancy

  • The unseen / Trails they follow / Take time.

    • Diane Glancy,
    • "If Indians Are Coming It Won't Start on Time," Iron Woman ()
  • ... it takes a while to walk on two feet / each one going the other way.

    • Diane Glancy,
    • title poem, Iron Woman ()
  • This land was ours, now we should forgive the fields snapped with fences & power lines?

    • Diane Glancy,
    • "This-Is-Where-We Go-On-Winter," Lone Dog's Winter Count ()
  • I try. I am trying. I was trying. I will try. I shall in the meantime try. I sometimes have tried. I shall still by that time be trying.

    • Diane Glancy,
    • "Portrait of the Lone Survivor," Lone Dog's Winter Count ()
  • Who creates unless he has a vacuum to fill?

    • Diane Glancy,
    • "Portrait of the Lone Survivor," Lone Dog's Winter Count ()
  • Who thinks of justice unless he knows injustice?

    • Diane Glancy,
    • "Portrait of the Lone Survivor," Lone Dog's Winter Count ()
  • You have to understand an Indian / to see he isn't there ...

    • Diane Glancy,
    • "Portrait of Lone Dog," Lone Dog's Winter Count ()
  • It's easier to gnaw through bone / than the hide of the heart.

    • Diane Glancy,
    • "Late Winter," Lone Dog's Winter Count ()
  • The word is important in Native American tradition. You speak the path on which you walk. Your words make the trail.

  • Writing is the hammer & chisel that breaks down the established way of thinking. A concrete event, then an abstraction. An image, then a thought. Finally, writing builds another establishment with the fragments.

  • Poetry is road maintenance for a fragmented world which seeks to be kept together. It's been an integral activity for a long time.

  • I think it's one of the purposes of art / to hold disaster in artistic control.

  • Art is important because it balances the evil powers. It's a medicine woman. A shaman.

  • Art as communication that says to others / you'd better listen. / Here's a message from the next country.

  • Poetry examines an emotional truth. It's an experience filtered through the personality of the poet. We look to poetry for visions, not scientific truths. The poet's job is to combine new elements. Explore their melting, seeping into one another.

  • Poetry saves what is human in this world going gaudy & insane. In exploring small truths, something larger might turn up, adding dimension, insight, vision, recognition to our lives. We just might be more complete, more aware after a poem.

  • 20th century poetry is a piñata. Images break from the earth when the poet strikes it.

  • Faith often means survival. / Belief in circumstances which are not yet present. / It helps us over loss.

Diane Glancy, U.S. Cherokee poet