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Macrina Wiederkehr

  • when i let / my defenses go / blessings came running ...

  • We give birth to others / by believing in that first, small spark of life / the spark we can barely see. / It is called hope. / It is immensely helpful / at birth.

  • Remember / the bread you meet each day / is still rising / Don't scare the dough.

  • O God / why do I storm heaven / for answers / that are already in my heart?

  • The incredible gift of the ordinary! Glory comes streaming from the table of daily life.

  • I have come to believe that we fear our virtues far more than our sinfulness.

  • Every time I meet a tree, if I am truly awake, I stand in awe before it. I listen to its voice, a silent sermon moving me to the depths, touching my heart, and stirring up within my soul a yearning to give my all.

  • Sin is living according to your own plan. Sin is trying to fill up your own life rather than allowing God to fill you. Sin is being willing to stay where you are rather than go through the pain and joy of being in process.

  • The world is afraid of silence. Radios blare. Televisions are never turned off. The stereo is on at top volume. The voice speaks whether or not it has something to say.

  • We are naturally reverent beings, but much of our natural reverence has been torn away from us because we have been born into a world that hurries. There is no time to be reverent with the earth or with each other. We are all hurrying into progress. And for all our hurrying we lose sight of our true nature a little more each day.

  • I strain toward God; God strains toward me. I ache for God; God aches for me. Prayer is mutual yearning, mutual straining, mutual aching.

  • The spirituality of my childhood is the one I would most like to have restored. It was pure and fresh and honest. I read God everywhere!

  • Ah! My noble lineage! Have I come from God? Perhaps I have, for there is a part of me that seems to remember stars I cannot reach.

  • Could it be that if we really understood death we would see it as the deepest healing of all? Is death the great healing? Is our life on earth partially a wound that death finally heals?

  • Letters are the stories of our souls.

  • Always serve letters with a cup of tea and a footstool. Celebrate 'the reading' slowly. It is irreverent to read a letter fast.

  • A letter bears its own copyright. Standing before my mailbox holding an original very limited edition in my hands is like standing before a feast.

  • If love suffers from overuse as a word, it suffers from underuse as a virtue.

Macrina Wiederkehr, U.S. religious writer, nun

Full name: Sister Macrina Wiederkehr, O.S.B. (Order of St. Benedict, monastic Benedictines).