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Anna Wickham

  • God send us power to make decision / With muscular, clean, fierce precision. / In life and song ...

    • Anna Wickham,
    • "Choice," The Contemplative Quarry ()
  • I smother in the house in the valley below, / Let me out to the dark, let me go, let me go.

    • Anna Wickham,
    • "Divorce," Songs of John Oland ()
  • What is your need to eat the seed, / When growth might be so sweet?

    • Anna Wickham,
    • "Amourette," The Contemplative Quarry ()
  • It was as fit for one man's thoughts to trot in iambs, as it is for me, / Who live not in the horse-age, but in the day of aeroplanes, to write my rhythms free.

    • Anna Wickham,
    • "The Egoist," The Contemplative Quarry ()
  • ... the true male never yet walked / Who liked to listen when his mate talked.

    • Anna Wickham,
    • "The Affinity," The Contemplative Quarry ()
  • I will be neither man nor woman, / I will be just a human.

    • Anna Wickham,
    • "The Revolt of Wives," The Contemplative Quarry ()
  • They sucked my soul from me / All for the sake of holy Uniformity.

    • Anna Wickham,
    • "From Poets, Workmen, Women, and Children in Orphanages," The Contemplative Quarry ()
  • The tumult of my fretted mind / Gives me expression of a kind; / But it is faulty, harsh, not plain - / My work has the incompetence of pain.

    • Anna Wickham,
    • "Self Analysis," The Contemplative Quarry ()
  • I desire Virtue, though I love her not - / I have no faith in her when she is got: / I fear that she will bind and make me slave, / And send me songless to the sullen grave.

    • Anna Wickham,
    • "Self Analysis," The Contemplative Quarry ()
  • If my work is to be good, / I must transcend skill, I must master mood. / For the expression of the rare thing in me, / Is not in do, but deeper, in to be.

    • Anna Wickham,
    • "Examination," The Man With a Hammer ()
  • Kinder the enemy who must malign us, / Than the smug friend who will define us.

    • Anna Wickham,
    • "Traducers," The Man With a Hammer ()
  • How can I pour the liquor of new days / In the old pipes of Rhyme?

    • Anna Wickham,
    • "Formalist," The Man With a Hammer ()
  • Why was I born beneath two curses, / To bear children and to write verses? / Either one fecundity / Were heavy enough destiny. / But all my life is penalty / From the two sides of me.

    • Anna Wickham,
    • "New Eve," in R.D. Smith, ed., The Writings of Anna Wickham ()
  • When will this old world begin / To see man and the woman equal in sin?

    • Anna Wickham,
    • "Laura Grey," in Daily Herald ()
  • I feel that women of my kind are a profound mistake. There have been few women poets of distinction, and, if we count only the suicides of Sappho, Lawrence Hope and Charlotte Mew, their despair rate has been very high.

    • Anna Wickham,
    • 1935, in R.D. Smith, ed., The Writings of Anna Wickham ()

Anna Wickham, English poet

(1884 - 1947)

Real name: Edith Alice Mary Harper.