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Anna Akhmatova

  • I speak in those words suddenly / That rise once in the soul.

    • Anna Akhmatova,
    • "Evening Room," Evening ()
  • If I can't have love, if I can't find peace, / Give me a bitter glory.

    • Anna Akhmatova,
    • "So Many Requests," Rosary ()
  • The pain of silence makes love render / Her private grief in public verses.

    • Anna Akhmatova,
    • "You See Me Now No Longer Smiling," A White Bird's Flight ()
  • ... my love for you's so strong / That no one could kill it — not even you.

    • Anna Akhmatova,
    • "You Are So Heavy Now," The Plantain ()
  • But for the exile, as for ailing / Or jailed folk, always have I bled. / Deep shadows are your lone path veiling / And ever sour is alien bread.

    • Anna Akhmatova,
    • "I Am Not One of Those Abdicators," Anno Domini ()
  • When in the night hour I await her coming / It seems to me my life hangs by a thread. / Youth, honors, liberty all shrink to nothing / When my dear visitor pipes by my bed.

    • Anna Akhmatova,
    • "The Muse" (1924), From Six Books ()
  • Today I have much work to do: / I must finally kill my memory, / I must, so my soul can turn to stone, / I must learn to live again.

    • Anna Akhmatova,
    • "Requiem" (1935), in Aliki Barnstone and Willis Barnstone, eds., A Book of Women Poets From Antiquity to Now ()
  • I love you like forty / fond sisters.

    • Anna Akhmatova,
    • in Wendy Rosslyn, The Prince, the Fool, and the Nunnery: The Religious Theme in the Early Poetry of Anna Akhmatova ()
  • But I warn you, / I am living for the last time.

    • Anna Akhmatova,
    • "In 1940" (1940), in D.M. Thomas, trans., You Will Hear Thunder ()
  • I, like a river, / Have been turned aside by this harsh age. / I am a substitute. My life has flowed / Into another channel / And I do not recognize my shores.

    • Anna Akhmatova,
    • "Northern Elegies" (1945), in D.M. Thomas, trans., You Will Hear Thunder ()
  • If I could stand beside my body / and really see the woman I am, / then I would understand at last how envy feels.

    • Anna Akhmatova,
    • "Northern Elegies" (1945), in D.M. Thomas, trans., You Will Hear Thunder ()
  • Poems are my link with the times, with the new life of my people.

    • Anna Akhmatova,
    • 1965, Poems ()
  • It was a time when only the dead / smiled ...

    • Anna Akhmatova,
    • "Requiem" (1935), Poems ()
  • There is a magic burning in it, / Cutting its facets diamond clear, / And it alone calms me in minutes / When others do not dare come near.

    • Anna Akhmatova,
    • "Music" (1958), Poems ()
  • Do not repeat what someone else has said, / Use your own words and your imagination. / But it may be that poetry itself / Is simply one magnificent quotation.

    • Anna Akhmatova,
    • "Do Not Repeat" (1956), Poems ()
  • I'll be forgotten? That is really nothing. / I have been forgotten a hundred times, / A hundred times I have lain in my coffin, / I may be dead and buried even now.

    • Anna Akhmatova,
    • "I'll Be Forgotten" (1957), Poems ()
  • How short the road has suddenly become, / The end of which seemed out of sight before!

    • Anna Akhmatova,
    • "Why Wonder" (1958), Poems ()
  • He loved three things in life: / Evensong, white peacocks / And old maps of America. / He hated it when children cried, / He hated tea with raspberry jam / And women's hysterics. / ... And I was his wife.

    • Anna Akhmatova,
    • "He Loved ... ," A Stranger to Heaven and Earth: The Poems of Anna Akhmatova ()
  • Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.

    • Anna Akhmatova

Anna Akhmatova, Russian poet

(1889 - 1966)

Full name: Anna Andreyevna Gorenko.