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Erma J. Fisk

  • The world is full of currents we can't lay corporeal hands on — trust, faith, gravity, magnetic fields, love ... They add richness to all our hours.

    • Erma J. Fisk
  • ... planes were smaller, more responsive to air waves then — you were aware how thin the metal skin was between you and the winds that roved the skies.

  • Widows must look for ways to keep busy, something has to get us up mornings. And keep us from taking naps afternoons.

  • My pills are in that [lost] suitcase too. Well, why should I live forever? I won't drop dead, I often neglect to take them. My doctor is a hypochondriac.

  • [On nonfiction:] At its height it is scholarship clothed in poetry.

  • Solitude nourishes me, the world is timeless when I am alone.

  • Birds, with short lives, are teaching us what pesticides, herbicides, oil in the ocean, pollutants of many sorts may also be doing to long-lived human bodies. Birds and fish kills wave red flags at us, although we don't often heed them.

  • In the dark all dreads are worse.

  • Animals are as smart as people — some people, anyway.

  • ... a rule of life seems to be that you can rarely repay those who do you a kindness, you can only pass along their generosity.

  • I didn't feed the peacocks this morning. ... So what happens as I am peacefully reading The Smithsonian and sopping up maple syrup from snowy New Hampshire? Outside each window, on the stovepipe here, grouped on top of the abandoned refrigerator by the shower there, on the trash can of grain, on the chair of the porch, clamber these idiot birds, peering in every window at me; whining, demanding to know What Am I Doing, Why Haven't I Fed Them, When Am I Coming Out?

Erma J. Fisk, U.S. birder, writer

(1910 - 1990)