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Margaret Fishback

  • To be a mother and a wife, / I'm often urged by all my kith / And kin — but as for husbands, life / Is easier without than with.

    • Margaret Fishback,
    • "Taking Everything Into Consideration," I Feel Better Now ()
  • Parsley, parsley, everywhere. / Damn, I want my victuals bare.

    • Margaret Fishback,
    • "Sprig Fever," Out of My Head ()
  • Don't mail me any more proxies, please. / Tell me, incorporated tease, / Why don't you save the stamps and send, / Once in a while, a dividend?

    • Margaret Fishback,
    • "A Truculent Stockholder Speaks Her Mind," Out of My Head ()
  • Why is it that one has to drink? / Why is it that one's hosts should think / It queer these days if guests prefer / A respite? Doesn't it occur / To anyone that no offense / Is meant by harmless abstinence?

    • Margaret Fishback,
    • "Slow Down Rounding Curve," I Take It Back ()
  • Whatever its function, / like's not a conjunction.

    • Margaret Fishback,
    • "The Purist to Her Love," I Take It Back ()
  • To be polite to everybody except the people they love most is a nervous affectation that afflicts many families ... when they come home, they take off their smiles and soft words, and sit about, spiritually in their underwear. This isn't pretty.

    • Margaret Fishback,
    • "Etiquette on the Home Grounds," Safe Conduct ()
  • Her cocktail bouts are long and loud, / She asks a monumental crowd, / For, to be frank, her one concern / Is being feted in return.

    • Margaret Fishback,
    • "Social Butterfly," Time for a Quick One ()
  • The same old charitable lie, / Repeated as the years scoot by, / Perpetually makes a hit — / 'You really haven't changed a bit!'

    • Margaret Fishback,
    • "Reunion or The Lie of the Land," Time for a Quick One ()
  • I'm a recipe clipper / I pile them in drawers. / They're yellow with age. And / I hoard them by scores; / But when I decide that I'll try / something new. / I can't find the clipping, / my file's such a stew.

    • Margaret Fishback
  • I dote the baple buds are swellig — / It bust be Sprig that I ab sbellig. / Agaid, the bird is od the wig / And Dature starts her Highlad Flig.

    • Margaret Fishback,
    • "Kerchoo!" in William Cole, ed., Poems for Seasons and Celebrations ()

Margaret Fishback, U.S. poet, humorist, advertising copywriter

(1904 - 1985)

Full name: Margaret Fishback Antolini.