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Mary Carolyn Davies

  • I sat on a broad stone / And sang to the birds. / The tune was God's making / But I made the words.

    • Mary Carolyn Davies,
    • "The Day Before April," Youth Riding ()
  • Pain / Rusts into beauty, too. / I know full well that this is so: / I had a heartbreak long ago.

    • Mary Carolyn Davies,
    • "Rust," Youth Riding ()
  • The dead make rules, and I obey. / I, too, shall be dead some day.

    • Mary Carolyn Davies,
    • "The Dead Make Rules," Youth Riding ()
  • The talking oak / To the ancients spoke. / But any tree / Will talk to me.

    • Mary Carolyn Davies,
    • "Be Different to Trees," The Skyline Trail ()
  • ... my thoughts are sea-gulls / Lifting out to sea.

    • Mary Carolyn Davies,
    • "Sea-Gull Song," The Skyline Trail ()
  • ... I shall never be afraid / Even of life; / And who that does not fear life can fear Death / Which is so much a lesser thing?

    • Mary Carolyn Davies,
    • "A Mining Town," The Skyline Trail ()
  • ... there is no woe the forest can not heal, nor any grief.

    • Mary Carolyn Davies,
    • "Trails," The Skyline Trail ()
  • The desert is a nun, for no man's wooing, / Vowed to eternal silence through the years, / Serene, unchangeable, past all pursuing, / And all neglect. The desert knows no tears.

    • Mary Carolyn Davies,
    • "The Desert," The Skyline Trail ()
  • We are made whole / By books, as by great spaces and the stars.

    • Mary Carolyn Davies,
    • "Books," The Skyline Trail ()
  • I never wanted what I thought I wanted / But always something else / Which changed again as soon as I had found it.

    • Mary Carolyn Davies,
    • "Autobiography," The Skyline Trail ()
  • Women are door-mats and have been; / The years those mats applaud — / They keep their men from going in / With muddy feet to God.

    • Mary Carolyn Davies,
    • "Door-Mats," in Ted Malone, ed., The All-American Book of Verse ()
  • We've found that fairyland is everywhere — / You open up a book and, why, you're there!

    • Mary Carolyn Davies,
    • in North Dakota Teacher ()

Mary Carolyn Davies, U.S. poet, songwriter, playwright

(1892 - 1941)