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Sylvia Bushell

  • If women act on developing a feminine orientation to their leadership style, they increase their opportunity for influencing the world.

  • The power of leadership is derived from perfecting ourselves. The closer we lead ourselves into becoming an ideal person, the greater our power to lead others. The foundation of leadership power is in striving toward perfection.

  • Leadership is the initiative to conquer our limitations and to more ably extend our abilities over a greater area.

  • The highest type of leadership is serving other people in such a way that they lead themselves, that they develop spiritually. An authentic leader helps others increase their own independence, and ... does not actually give direction or assert authority.

  • ... a true leader is constantly providing tools that enable independence. The timing and the selection of the presented tools is the exercise of leadership or wisdom.

  • Leadership, in a very real sense, is helping others develop their leadership.

  • Leaders are people who are able to evoke humanitarian values and creativity from the ones they are leading in order to increase the common good or to accomplish a vision.

  • Leadership is not for those who want an easy life or for those who want to maintain things as they are. Leadership is for those who have talents in some field of human endeavor and have a vision of how to vastly improve it. Leaders are willing champions of the revelations of creativity and the destiny of human dignity. Leaders are pathfinders to increase the common good.

  • Intuition is the ability to tap into the reality behind circumstances and events.

  • Influence is a key leadership skill. The power of influence is greater than position power. ... Positive influence is the fruit of actualizing dreams and visions.

  • Women do not have to depend on men in order to advance in leadership. Women in the United States would not be able to vote today if they waited for men to give them the vote. It is the same for feminine leadership in any field. Women have to work for what they believe in and cause it to happen. The problems that men have in accepting women will be overcome by women, not by men.

  • The effect of successful communication is to increase the common area of understanding about viewpoints and ideas. The motive behind communication is to create unity between ourselves and others. Mostly we feel separate from others. Good communication makes us feel as if we are unified with others. This is the result of mutually beneficial interpretations of ideas and viewpoints. It is possible to exchange 'facts' without increasing the common area of understanding or creating unity. In this case there is only the simplest raw data being transferred. If the data is not meaningful as it is, then we need to communicate information. Information is the interpretation of data. Any condition that requires information requires communication.

  • Above everything else leadership is confidence in our inner resources.

Sylvia Bushell, U.S. writer