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Josephine Daskam

  • We all have the defects of our qualities ...

    • Josephine Daskam,
    • "A Case of Interference," Smith College Stories ()
  • ... the mill cannot grind with the water that is past.

    • Josephine Daskam,
    • "The Sailor's Song," Poems ()
  • [He] resumed contemplation of his toes. These, to his never-failing and delighted surprise, continued to be ten in number, no matter how suddenly and without warning he descended upon them; his startled cataloguing of the suspicious members constituted at present his chief employment, and the subsequent deep breath of relief on finding that all was well and not one of them had escaped his vigilance was one of the joys of his parents.

  • ... at present he wanted but little here below and wanted that little on the floor. He was not aspiring, and clearly reasoned that the baby that was down need fear no fall, for he ... lay placidly for hours on his striped afghan, regarding such objects as naturally fell within his range of vision.

  • All I have to say is, if kissing invites germs, a large proportion of us are gratifyingly germ-proof!

  • All my life I have hated and despised alto! ... From a boy it has affected me very strangely. That's why I hate Sunday. People will sing alto on Sunday that would never dream of singing it any other time.

  • Was it possible that not so many months ago they had waited for his words as for pearls and rubies? Was this the child whose uncanny silence had stricken them with shame in the presence of other young parents? His voice was high and clear; no door could shut out its intonations. He chanted with a steadily rising inflection the saga of his past day interwoven with irrelevant excerpts from the pig-telephone story and one other, his longest, which dealt mysteriously with a cup and saucer, a lady and a pianola ...

  • But the bass failed to rally around him with the unanimity he had hoped for, and his spirits were not raised by his son's cheerful comments on that fact.

Josephine Daskam, U.S. writer

(1876 - 1961)

Full name: Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon.