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Rosanne Cash

  • When I was eleven I stopped dreaming the dreams that didn't come true, I stopped talking to people who didn't listen, I lost hope and I retreated. I assumed that the root of the problem was that I was too strange for the real world. That being the case, I created a charming and dynamic personality to make the necessary forays into the Outside, and I kept my strangeness for myself; my own peculiar jewels under lock and key.

    • Rosanne Cash,
    • "We Are Born," Bodies of Water ()
  • On the plane, an eight-year-old with an excess of testosterone keeps running across my feet. Finally I grab him by his T-shirt and say, very sweetly, 'Listen, darling, if you don't stop trampling me I'm going to make you sit on my lap while I tell you my entire life story. Including a lot of details about drug rehab and my divorce.' He goes back to his seat.

    • Rosanne Cash,
    • "The Arc of Loneliness," Bodies of Water ()
  • ... I spent nearly two hours deciding on an outfit that would look as if the subject of clothing had never crossed my mind, but would in fact show off my best features and miraculously hide the extra pounds.

    • Rosanne Cash,
    • "Acting School," Bodies of Water ()
  • She hated it when people told her not to worry. Worry was a very private affair, on a par with sex and religion.

    • Rosanne Cash,
    • "Part Girl," Bodies of Water ()
  • I was a woman, / which is to say, / part girl and part suffering. / The first half of my life / has been utterly absorbed / by other people / and by my own demons. / The second half / I will spend laughing.

    • Rosanne Cash,
    • "Part Girl," Bodies of Water ()
  • The world is my asylum. I am called upon daily to perform miracles and absolutions. I am the priestess and the committee, the prison and the garden, and the patients are all me.

    • Rosanne Cash,
    • "Shelly's Voices," Bodies of Water ()
  • I dream of songs. I dream they fall down through the centuries, from my distant ancestors, and come to me. I dream of lullabies and sea shanties and keening cries and rhythms and stories and backbeats.

  • Documenting one's life in the midst of living it is a strange pursuit.

  • Work ... is redemption.

  • It was never too late to undo who you had become.

  • With time the unbearable becomes shocking, becomes sad, and finally becomes poignant.

  • Loss is the great unifier, the terrible club to which we all eventually belong.

  • The ephemeral nature of live performance is the part I love most — it's a monk's sand painting, carefully constructed, then wiped away in an instant.

  • ... out of various forms of personal catastrophe comes art, if you're lucky.

  • For me, art is a more trustworthy expression of God than religion.

  • The key to change … is to let go of fear.

    • Rosanne Cash

Rosanne Cash, U.S. singer, songwriter, writer