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Mary Jo Bang

  • I say Come Back and you do / Not do what I want. / The train unrolls its track and sends its sound forward.

    • Mary Jo Bang,
    • "A Sonata For Four Hands," Elegy ()
  • Why are you not where you belong? / A black hat on a hook says nothing. / Ashes mirror ashes / In a mirroring window.

    • Mary Jo Bang,
    • "A Sonata For Four Hands," Elegy ()
  • You, singularly you. And gone / Invisible.

    • Mary Jo Bang,
    • "A Sonata For Four Hands," Elegy ()
  • The wheel begins its only if turning. / It had never stopped. / This is life's bargain that motion / Is hope.

    • Mary Jo Bang,
    • "A Sonata For Four Hands, II," Elegy ()
  • A child, then a man, now a feather / Passing through a furious fire / Called time.

    • Mary Jo Bang,
    • "No More," Elegy ()
  • It was the season of quiet: / The quiet of death. / The uneasy quiet / After the gasp in the middle / Of the terrible, terrible movie / That someone had made and kept showing.

    • Mary Jo Bang,
    • "Waiting," Elegy ()
  • To say you loved a person. / To say that person no longer exists. / A tragic flawed fate going on and on and on.

    • Mary Jo Bang,
    • "No Exit," Elegy ()
  • It begins to sink in. Dead / Is dead, not just not / Here. The knife never dulls, / Does it, Dearie, / On the blade side.

    • Mary Jo Bang,
    • "Tragedy," Elegy ()
  • You are reduced / To the after-sorrow / That will last my lifetime. The hair-tearing / Grief of the mother / Whose child has been swept away.

    • Mary Jo Bang,
    • "Now," Elegy ()

Mary Jo Bang, U.S. poet, educator