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  • Kit was not blind to the fact that his habitual honesty was an unfailing passport for his lies, and it did nothing to increase his pleasure in telling them.

  • America, which has the most glorious present still existing in the world today, hardly stops to enjoy it, in her insatiable appetite for the future.

  • Do not feel entitled to anything you do not sweat or struggle for.

  • What a relief it was to have anything done, finished, over with for good. So you could throw it out of your life and forget it and go on to something new. Some of her happiest moments had been spent cleaning out closets or drawers, throwing things away, knowing that whatever the symbolism they had had for her, she was destroying it. Each time she finished with something or someone and knew that she had finished forever, it gave her in some sense the illusion of having been granted a new beginning to life—as new as anything could be once you had been born and started the implacable process of dying.

  • Before she was seven, Ishma, the youngest child of Marshall and Laviny Waycaster, had joined the class of burden-bearers. By the time she was thirteen there was little rest for her except on Sunday.

  • A red-tailed hawk rose high on an air current, calling out shrill, sequential rasps of raptor joy. ... Once she'd seen a pair of them coupling on the wing, grappling and clutching each other and tumbling curve-winged through the air in hundred-foot death dives that made her gasp, though always they uncoupled and sailed outward and up again just before they were bashed to death in senseless passion.

  • ... kindnesses have wings and roots ... wings that never droop, and roots that never die.

  • What we claim in spirit can belong to us in reality if we demand it for ourselves.